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Default Re: Very new at this

If it were me I'd start with what's simple and cheap and move on from there. Yes, it seems to me you should be getting better power than you are. Oil type and gas mix ratio is simple enough even if opinions differ. I like the opti-2 best at 100-1 even for break in. Second choice is Amsoil synthetic Sabre professional mixed at 50-75 - 1 for break in and then between 75 & 100 to 1 after that. Whatever you use, follow manufacturer's recommendations.
I like the new iridium NKG plug and think changing out the plug wire for a better one is a good idea. The cap should fit snugly and the other end should be screwed into the CDI securely. That's where I would start, knowing I had a good setup for delivering spark and the right fuel. In my experience the CDI either works or doesn't at all. With a new engine it is probably OK, but anything is possible I guess. If it still lacks power then it is time to fiddle with the carb. Look at the plug and see what color it is. White is too lean and black is too rich. Brown is good. So you can adjust the needle accordingly if the plug doesn't look good. There are lots of posts here on that subject. If it is still sluggish then someone here will have suggestions for you. Expensive fixes like shift kits and expansion chambers aren't going to help if the basic stuff is off. That's my opinion anyway. Someone else may weigh in with something better. In a nutshell, start with the simple and go from there to the more complex if you need to. I have a feeling you're going to find it is something pretty simple. Good luck.
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