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Default Very new at this

Ok. For starters I am extremely new to the whole Bike motor thing and damn do I love it. My friends totally dig it. But I have a few questions...

For reference I have a Grubee skyhawk 66cc (Gt-5) which i bought from "Gasbike" which is also "Kings..." It is completely stock atm. Threw it on a cheap lil bike to test it out and will soon be swapping it over to a fixed/tuned up old mountain bike. I have run 1.5 tanks of gasoline through my engine (1st at 18:1, 2nd tank at 24:1) and am assuming my bike is past break in? correct me if im wrong.

I want to have a bike that can give me enough torque to pull me straight off the line (I'm 170lbs) because currently I am not getting enough power out of it to do so. Also, i would like to hit roughly 50km/h - 60km/h (30mph - 40mph) as a top speed. Currently i only get 40km/h (25mph) at most. I have a 44T sprocket.

My bike seems to bog and seems almost overloaded at highspeeds. I'm not really engine savy but i know it doesnt sound right. Also extremely slow to pick up speed.

I have looked into getting a SBP exhaust and the CNS racing carb as well as a 36T sprocket and I will purchase these items. (unless there is a better option suggested to me, *cough* better toothed sprocket?*cough*

I am wondering if the CDI or magneto should be replaced. I have read on the forums that basically plug wire replacement is a must as well as a new spark plug but i am uncertain whether the CDI itself needs to be replaced.

Another question i have is how tight should the plug boot be on the spark plug? mine seems to be barely floating on it sometimes and that concerns me. is there a way to prevent this?

What spark plug is recommended? i was reading that the NGK iridium is pretty good. I may get that.

Also, what would be a decent fuel mixture if i do not want to do much servicing to my engine as i am NOT comfortable with taking it apart. Im currently looking for someone around here to help me clean up the intake and exhaust ports, sadly everyone either refuses to touch it or will charge me $100 an hour...

Thank you very much! I really appreciate any feedback or advice given. I'm a senior at Highschool and this is my main mode of transportation and i want it done up nice. Thanks.
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