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Default Re: Deacon's chainsaw bike.

I am having the nightmare again. The one where the bike is almost finished but won't quite run. I can start the bike with the pull chord but it won't drag start. I removed the clutch to put the friction drive directly onto the drive shaft so It had to either drag start of I have to lift the engine again. This engine is a mutha compared to the weed whacker.

I'm taking the weekend off and not going to touch it till monday.

By the way, making a gas tank was easier than I thought. I used a gatoraid bottle. Drilled a vent hole in the top, made an inner liner with a non aligned hole, then cut a couple of gas line holes in the top beside of the spout. That is the only things that has worked right so far.

I think the 20" wheel won't turn the engine fast enough when I pedal. I did drag start it once but it didn't have enough tension on it to climb hills.
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