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Default re: 60 MPH...achieveable? Who cares?!? Let blueprint an engine!

Originally Posted by GeneFiorot View Post
I have to say that I don't understand your point at all. I don't mean to hurt your feelings. But
then again closing the thread in the first place didn't make your point more understandable either.
What is the agenda? "Are we having fun yet?" or is it all about undisclosed control issues of this Site?
Just wondering if there was Freedom of Speech here?

Although Jim explained it pretty well - I thought I'd clear it up a bit more...

We've got about five thousand hits a day on this site and about twenty thousand members - it may sound harsh, but the majority of those members are new to this hobby and simply don't know the challenges involved with attempting to get one of these cheap 2 strokes to break 35mph - let alone 60.

Armchair engineers abound, the speed claims have always been a touchy issue, newbs whom think a sprocket swap will achieve mach 2.567 exactly 'cause "they did the math"...

Let's not even get started on those that think a $10 wallyworld speedometer is even vaguely calibrated - even if they know enough to switch it from KPH to MPH lol, so many obsessed with speed alone - they have no idea what it takes to get there, one-upmanship the primary interest they'll happily tack on another 2-5-10 even 20mph to impress. Yet so terribly few will provide any substantiation, posting all sorts of pics of their shiny bike, even vids on youtube - yet somehow they jus' can't seem to find the time to hand the cam to a buddy, to film the car's speedometer whilst they ride...

With only a handful of staff to deal with the chaos, there are some subjects we're just sick of hearing TBH. Think of it as "Freedom from BS" as opposed to infringing on freedom of speech, the "control" our attempt to keep honesty and real data available for all. The more we let such empty boasts slide - the less value the real efforts have, endless hard hours and unimaginable amounts of experience wasted - buried in mindless spam. Believe it or not, when we intercede we do it to protect you and others whom may not know any better, protecting everyone from false expectations, disappointment, wasted time and money - even damage to themselves and the bike they've worked so hard on.

The closing of this thread was a temporary measure - our respect for Jim's skill evidenced by how we didn't simply delete it. We were discussing this via private messages in the interest of providing more details and pictures as the thread was rapidly degrading into irrelevance.

Know this: Here as anywhere, if you make outlandish claims you better be able to back them up. On this forum you may find a quiet lil PM, a post edited/deleted or simply a scornful comment - in the real world, on the track or in the bar, you may find yourself in a world of hurt.

Freedom works both ways FTW, but hey - thanks fer assuming we're tyrants and not jus' a buncha guys that love the hobby enough to help out here o.O

OK Jim, let's see what ya got