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Default Re: Fix your broke part! Aluminum Welding Rod

Originally Posted by nogig View Post
Thats a good find man. We used to buy these things called magic rod from national welders which was great for potmetal. Gonna order some to keep Ol Murphy away
These rods work great, fixed my clutch lever housing today, the retainer pin that goes part way through the housing that keeps the cam rod from coming out busted out, it is the second time this has happened to me, I ordered a new housing and cam the first time this happened and dang-it if it didn't do it again today so I said bull crap on that...! I'll just make me up a new pin out of a 3/32" 7014 welding rod and then I will weld over and around it with the Alumiweld with my Map gas torch, did the fix, took it out and put some more miles on it and wala, it seems to be a done did fix (:~}), now I will fix the other one the same way and I will have a good spare just in case I should brake another one.

This rod is like soap on a rope and I figure it cost me about a nickle to fix this problem...not bad at all.

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