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Default Re: gas tank question

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
That is a good way to blow yourself to sky high.

Never put a tank in the dryer, unless of course you have never put a drop of gas in it.

ALSO, do NOT use a shop vac on the tank.

Use some diesel, or K-1 kerosine and aquarium gravel.

No sparks, static, heat, volatile gasoline.

The stuff from inside your tank is mostly metal, paint, crud and somebodys' left over lunch remnants. Use an inline filter always, always, always.

It won't hurt your engine since a non-running engine is very difficult to damage.
i see the thread filled up quickly with replies thanks for all the ideas i went ahead took tank off bike today cleaned out well as i could i went ahead got a good fine mesh inline filter works well also the way its made if any build up starts to form on one side i can just take it off and rinse with a lil alcohol and make sure its dried since thiers no paper to mess around with in the filter its basically a small circle shaped filter with a small circle shaped very fine mesh filter in it
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