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Default Fix your broke part! Aluminum Welding Rod

Many of you guys out there may have already used this product or one simular, or may have what you believe to be a better way of fixing a broken Aluminum part, but if there are any more guys like myself that dont have a Tig set up or a Mig set up for welding Aluminum here is a great product that will fix most of what ails you if you need to make a simple repair to an Aluminum part like the clutch lever housing or some stripped threads in the block, all you need is a clean stainless steel brush and aPropane Torch and you are set to repair Aluminum and it is a repair that is stronger than mild steel which is much harder that the parent Aluminum material, The product is called "Alumiweld" I bought mine at my local Tractor Supply Store but you can get it online direct, I've been using the stuff and it works great.

Heres the link to their site: Aluminum welding repair rods, weld any aluminum metal by using a Propane Torch - Alumaweld

Hope this helps someone out there.
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