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Default re: 60 MPH...achieveable? Who cares?!? Let blueprint an engine!

Originally Posted by Crazy Horse View Post
Anyone else thought of you doing something like this on a bicycle, not for use on the street of course?

Yes it's a 50cc supercharged Honda / Chinese cloned Lifan Horizontal 4-Stroke, on a Honda Dream 50!

JMO, I love reading about people who see a challenge and say I'm gonna do this, then let the nay sayer's see it happen in reality!

Jim / Dv, you can do it...

Peace Crazy Horse.
I love it! Been wanting to try something like that!

This has been an interesting thread for sure! I think 52 mph will be a far cry from a stock China. This will be fun and interesting. Jim has some resources at his disposal. I think you got the best shot at it that I know of!
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Still gotta have a since of humor.