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Default Re: Pop goes the plug boot

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
If you have a local motorcycle shop go and get a good NGK Boot from them and if they have some 7mm copper core plug wire replace it also, I have 2 of these engines and both plug boots did the same as yours did in no time at all, had about 15 miles on the last engine when the boot gave it up, I put it back together and thought I got the connector good and tight but within a few miles it crapped out again.
The NGK boot I'm using is part# LB05EZ, it is a replacement for a Polaris and you can use your spark plug with the little screw on nut at the end and it clamps on very good, no trouble with this at all since I made this fix, hope this helps.
Good post mapbike...In a sea of BS it's good to see a post that is spot-on!

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