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Default Re: Pop goes the plug boot

Originally Posted by nogig View Post
thanks for the part # man. Ive worked on/had motorcycle for the last 10 years and never so a boot break like that. prolly gonna order the sick bike parts plug wire or use an Accel wire boot deal. trying to make this thing bulletproof as its my main means of transport.
"make it bullet proof".....yea me too, I live in the country and I plan to ride mine to work when it warms up a little more here in central Texas, still a little cool at 4:30am when I would need to leave the house, it is 16 miles to work one way for me and I need my bike to get me there and back without it crapping out on me, I'm pretty new to the motorized bike stuff but not new to building small engine and fast go karts and things, I have enough tools to do just about anything I need to so I have been figuring out the weak points of these little china girl engines so that I can make them fairly dependable hopefuly, I've had issue with the clutch arm housing but got that figured out today and got it fixed, got my carb. jetted down and it is working great now also, just keep plugging away at it every chance I get so it's coming along pretty goo dthe last few days, and I'm loving it, this is more fun than watching roosters fight....!LOL

Good luck on your plug wire fix and be careful out there, Shan

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