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Default Re: Whisperdrive V Qsilentdrive

Hi Wayne,

Sure would like to point out a few additional differences. The special MaxTorque clutch is made for EZM's Q-Matic and is suspended between 2 large exterior bearings to prevent "twist" from motor torque. The automatic drive system needs more bearing support than the manual version because of the weight of the rotating mass. The Q-Matic also employs a special spring loaded idler to compensate for belt wear & stretch. The Q-Matic has easily adjusted ratio changes via special belts & pulleys. The EZM Q-Matic removes the additional flywheel weight from the motor crankshaft to reduce clutch speed and to buffer the vibration of the clutch weights. The drive also uses a special space age aluminum alloy which absorb vibration and reduce the weight of the system.

The "Silent Drive" and the "Q-Matic" are well tested products and thanks to customer and dealer feedback have become one of the best options for transferring power from the motor to the wheel.

Thanks for selecting us for your motorbike needs.

Have fun,
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