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Default Re: Headlight

Im making my self a head and tail lamp with led's myself. I was wondering what kind of current the motor produces. From the previous post, im assuming something like 500 mA.

Im also having a little trouble figuring out what kind of configuration I need so as not to burn out the LEDs. I have 6 white leds that run at 3V and 25 mA, and then one red that runs at 1.5V and 20 mA. As I see it, Im going to group the white ones in parallel, this will drop the voltage to 3V in the circuit and then run this assembly in series with a 50 Ohm resistor, to drop the voltage to 1.5 V, and then to the red LED and back to ground.

Does anyone see any flaws in my logic? ... I 'effin hate circuitry.
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