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Default Re: Whisperdrive V Qsilentdrive

before I say anything else, I am known as a dealer for EZM (you are a customer of mine, and I thank you for that )
I am in no way trying to pimp my product, just answering to the best of my knowledge
there a few differences that I see...
1 - the 'silent drive' is a manual, where the 'whisper drive' is an automatic
2 - the silent is designed for the higher-revving (7200 rpm)49cc Honda or HuaSheng, the whisper is geared for the lower-revving (5000 rpm)70cc Harbor Freight (both ARE adaptable though AFAIK)
3 - the silent is available now, and has been for 1 year, the whisper is taking deposits for when they are available to buy

I did wait to answer your question, because I didn't want to look like I was 'selling', but after seeing no other response, thought you deserved an answer from someone

BTW, did you know that EZM has an auto as well ?, THAT was my sales pitch

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