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Default Re: Blood, sweat, fun, now the tears. Help!

Thanks guys. Gonna check out the local bike shops this weekend for replacement wheel. Good idea for letting them install the casette on it.

And thanks for noticing Nitro (Be nice to the noobies now.) I did own up to the filter snafu in the post. I did look at the arrow before I put it on but somewhere in cutting the tubing and installing it I turned it upside down. Funny thing is it started and ran fine that way for a few laps around the block but would not start the next day.

Yea Jason, I had the same experience when I moved to Colorado two years ago seeing the bikes everywhere. Sunday looks like the tour de france here. You really have to be careful driving up here because they will nail you to the wall if you run over a biker with your car. First thing my sister warned me about when I moved up here. Works out nicely now that I am going to be one of the bikers. Boulder is supposed to be the most bike friendly town in America. Most of the roads have a designated bike lane on the side which is great. The cement bike paths are everywhere but sadly the motorized bikes are not allowed on them. They are thinking about allowing the electric bikes on the paths but those are banned now too. I use one for a little ways on my ride to work and have not had anybody complain yet. Woops gonna be late for work. Talk at ya later.
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