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Default Re: Blood, sweat, fun, now the tears. Help!

yeah, I'd do what others have suggested and just go to a bike shop, or rob an old mountain bike of it's wheel. Bikes are so popular 'round here, shouldn't be too much trouble

(as an aside...when I moved to the area I got a little bike-shock seeing SO many people on bikes everywhere - even up the large hills on the highways. Quite different from Phoenix where the only time you rode a bike was if you HAD to. I now pedal to work 13 miles round trip a few times a week. Lol)

Good to have another person in the area.

On the subject of Dax, him being so close, I wish we could just do pickup instead of having to wait (and pay) for shipping.

Good luck with your rear wheel.

by the way, what is powerkings' ebay ID? I'd like to take a look at their selection.. Nevermind, found it

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