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Default Re: hello from ontario

Fasteddy I don't know why whenever Canadian legal topics come up I end up in a debate with you, sometimes it's fun but sometimes it's just annoying

You said a gas motor on a bicycle in Canada is illegal and that transport Canada says so.

The word illegal implies that there are specific laws written that forbid something or forbid someone from doing something. Agreed?

There are no federal laws that specifically say you are in breach of the law the moment you install a 49, 66 or 1000cc gas engine kit on a bicycle just the same as there are no laws that specifically say you are in breach of the law if you install a 500, 750 or 1000 watt electric motor kit on a bicycle.

Specific to this thread tho is the fact that there are no Ontario laws written that say a typical store bought pedal bicycle modified with the addition of a gas engine kit or electric motor kit is illegal to own or operate.

Where are we at now?
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