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Default Re: Winter Project Wrapped Up

Finding old cruisers locally is kind of hard. I was very lucky last summer to find a 50 Schwinn straight bar at the landfill, but that's been the only freeby. I do frequent my local landfill with an eagle eye on the metal pile. I've found some good bike parts there. A few years back before I knew what I know now I bought a couple of old Schwinns to resell on ebay. I did nothing to fix them up, clean them up, did no research on them and at the time wasn't doing China Girl builds. What a dope. I paid about 20.00 for the pair, both men's bikes and if I remember right both skip tooth with rear racks. Sure, I made a little money selling them, but cant remember now if they were straight bar models or what. I think this summer I will again try running an ad in the local paper to see what turns up. That's how I found those other two. As for Elgins, I've had to resort to eBay since I live out in the boonies. As I write, I am firming up the resolve to find what I can locally in old cruisers. Being "an old one" myself, I like the old stuff best. Must be riding weather about now in Michigan. I got an email from home saying the ice is going out on the lakes already. Wow, I remember some years there was still ice for the fishing opener in mid May. I've got good weather here in Maryland for the next week so will be smilin' on me bike. You, too, I hope.
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