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Default Re: Winter Project Wrapped Up

Thank you silver bear much appreciated. Lol for some reason everytime I start a thread no one ever replies, so it was nice to hear that, fo sho. I know I will sell all my other motors now and only buy the bgf's. It is really nice to know that they upgraded them. I was actually thinking about changing my rope out, but figure I might as well wait for something to happen. Lol I was riding today and the bottom piece of the muffler fell off, and my bike took off like crazy, I actually like it alot more like this, but am unsure if it will damage my motor, oh well guess i'll have to put it back on for now, and order a SBP Exp chamber. Man I wish I could find some nice old cruisers like you. All I can find is huffys and magnas, no elgins or americans. As for another project, I have been stongly thinking about motorizing my redline chopper, Maybe with a jackshaft, running to the belt drive.
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