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Originally Posted by fasteddy View Post
A gas motor on a bicycle is illegle in Canada. Transport Canada says so.
Want to argue with them and you can enjoy that ride.
If the local police don't bother you, great. When they do, not so great.

My understanding is in BC the maximum fine is $5,000 fine, 2 years in jail, lose your license, insurance sky rockets and they take your motorized bicycle. Your on an uninsured, unlicenced , unregistered motor vehicle.
Mine's electric.

Want to swap a vin# off a moped on to your MB? That will buy you some very serious federal jail time. Seem tampering with the vin# really ticks them off.

I'm gathering from other posters that when the law is enforced that it's not with the maximum penalty, however, you are right, anyone using these bikes on the road are taking their chances that they are going to be made the example.

I wasn't thinking of just applying the vin# to the bike, but to use the moped as the base of a new bike. ie modified. Maybe not legit, but probably enough grey area there that I wouldn't be facing maximum penalties either.

Here's the final straw though. Insurance on a Yamaha YZR 125cc = $285 / year. The 50cc moped = $291. I'm thinking it's time to reevaluate my budget for an ebike. $291 a year could buy alot of batteries. A gas bike might make a cool ice racer this winter, but it's not going to save me any money on my commute.
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