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Talking Re: How to keep from getting thrown off?

Originally Posted by sofasurferlinux View Post
When I try to start my bike I pedal and then pop the clutch. But if it is doesn't start, because its cold or whatever, the wheel locks and that sucker throws me righ down onto to ground. It hurts, it scratches the bike and it is humiliating as heck. How do I stop it from throwing me? I tried loosening the clutch a little which makes the wheel not lock so tightly when the engine does not start. It also allows me to keep pedaling (though difficultly) with the clutch "popped" if the engine does not start. But the drawback is that I have to be pedaling faster to get the engine to turn enough to start.
Is the clutch adjustment the answer or is there another solution?
Keep your clutch adjusted tight enough not to slip or it will also slip under power when the engine is running you down the road, and as to getting thrown off the bike when the clutch is popped and the engine doesnt start........all I can say is that maybe you need to brace yourself a little better and make sure you are stiff arming the handle bars with your elbows locked straight before you pop that clutch, just hang on tight and as we say in Texas "Let-ur Rip"

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