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Exclamation Re: clutch cable upgrade

I just want to add to the good idea crzyolphart listed, I also made an upgrade to my clutch cable, I used the original sheath but I went down to my local tractor supply store and bought some stainless steel cable that is the next size larger than the cable that comes with these kits (sorry dont remember the exact size) and then I took a 2"L X 1/4"Dia. bolt put it in the vise and drilled a 3/32" hole through it about 3/8" up on shoulder from threads then I inserted one end of the new cable all the way through the hole and with a prefluxed brass brazing rod and my torch I brazed the cable to the bolt on the side that the cable just barely stuck out, if you do this be careful not to put direct heat on the cable on the long side or you will weaken the cable and it wont hold up for long, try to put the majority of the heat on the bolt and it will weld up nicely, after it is brazed then with my little 4 1/2" hand grinder I cut a section out of the shouldered part above the threads that is the same length as the original molded on cable stop that goes into the clutch lever I have a 1/16"cutoff wheel on my little grinder and it will make quick work of a bolt and many other things that need cutting or grinding. anyway this is how I upgraded my clutch cable and it pulls very easy probably a 1/3 less pull that it was before, the only way I can explain the ease of pull is that the larger cable has a larger bearing surface and I guess this is why it slides through everything so much easier, I had the original cables break on me twice but so far never again since I made my own this way, it is plenty stout and is so easy that you can pull my clutch lever in with one finger and not even strain. Sorry so long but I didn't know a quicker way to describe what I did, I'll bet this cable would work even better in the better sheath that crzyolphart described above.
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