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Default Re: Blood, sweat, fun, now the tears. Help!

don't be sorry about the book it was a great read and reminded me of my jaguar i built which was my first and had every little problem you did lol. what i suggest on the rear wheel is if it is that bad just go pick up a new one at a bike shop. cheap ones are around 30 bucks tops and they can put your 7 gear cassett right on it. my chain broke and did the exact same thing and with the cost to rebuild and tune and spokes for the wheel and the week they wanted to do it i said no give me a new wheel for i didn't want to wait and was up and running that day. good job getting rid of the master link for i busted mine on my new bike and i knew better but it was so much easier to put it together with the master link lol. i am 50 also and the motorized bicycle makes me feel like a kid again. they are a blast. glad to have you with us and that black bicycle motor looks mighty fine on the jaguar
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