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Default Re: Need help with some direction.

Get blue loctite at any auto parts store and most hardware stores. Don't use the red stuff because it will be nearly impossible to remove a bolt with that kind. Not too surprising the first ride on that bike was hard. I was off bicycles for several years and thought I'd die on my first pedal powered ride a couple months ago. I just forced myself to get out on the road every day for three or four miles. Now I can easily make ten miles at reasonable speed. Hills I needed to push the bike up then I can ride up now. It's surprising how well and quickly you can build yourself up for pedal cranking. Not a bad idea so you're prepared when the engine or something decides to pack it in. Oh yeah, that lowest gear is pretty tall at the beginning but it gets easier.
Thanks for the info! I kinda thought that it might be the blue stuff - I saw some blue stuff on the threading of one of the bolts I needed to remove from my bike - put two and two together - just wanted to be sure.

I think I might have an easier time riding if I don't go out with all the crap that I had with me as well. I had brought: a small case of tools, 1 nalgene full of water, 1 steel bottle full of water, 1 kanteen full of water (this is the one I drank from while riding, the others were in the backpack), my bike pump, my kryptonite lock (which is surprisingly heavy as well), a lunch box on the rear rack, and a few other smaller things in another pocket - basically I brought what I would need for work because that is what I was testing - if I would be able to peddle the bike to work.

I can probably get out and go riding without all that stuff and fair much better - all the while building up my strength and stamina so I could peddle it if needed. How long did it take you to be able to go that far without having to walk the hills?

Side note: Would one of these engines be able to pull myself and another adult in a trailer? I am more just curious.
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