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Default Re: Need help with some direction.

News Update: Purchased my motor last night! WOOHOO! Figured out I'd have some extra cash this month, so I didn't need to wait for my craigslist sales to go through - plus my experience from last night put some weight on me to get it taken care of (see earlier post for details). I bought the Silver Flying Horse 66cc from BikeBerry (anyone have any idea how long it might take to get here? I'm in Missouri, looks like they are in California - they ship with FedEx)

Originally Posted by dag_29307 View Post
It sounds like you are on the right path to getting your motorized bicycle started. I have been trying to find a way to put some lights on my bike and the best thing I have come across is using a power wheel battery and a fog lamp for a car. The battery weighs about 5 lbs and is mounted in a zip up cooler type lunch bag on my carrier over the rear wheel. I have a small red trailer light I mounted to the rear reflector you can find the lights the wiring, switch, etc. at any auto parts store or wally world for around $15.00. You can use virtually and rechargeable battery you can find but this is where I got mine.

ESR 750 electric scooter - Go-ped - Electric Bike or Scooter - Batteries Plus

You don't have to use these batteries but you get the picture. It works as good if not better than the $200.00 lights.

Or if you are a DIY type guy you could try one of these

BIKE LIGHT "Commuter" under 5 bucks By Veggiecycle
BIKE LIGHT 500 Lumen "Mt.Bike" for under 10 bucks by Veggiecycle

I tried both just for giggles after I found my set up. The nice part about all of this is it will work now and even when you get your motor.
I think I like some of the DIY options for the sake of cost - it looks like they use a 12v light though - that's too many volts to run it off of the engine right? I could probably just change out the light with the right voltage though.

Originally Posted by dag_29307 View Post
The only advice I can offer you is...get some Locktite! I didn't at first and it was scary to be riding along and the exhaust just falls off. =( I got home to find out the nuts vibrated loose and right down the studs. So yeah Locktite helps.

Other than that the Gurus of this forum have you taken care of. You know this forum is like that insurance company. I have never been in better hands.
Can someone link me to the Locktite I keep hearing about - I have searched amazon for it and I see a bunch of different types from the company by that name - what specifically am I looking for? And can I get it at a local hardware store or what kind of store carries it?

That helmet doesn't look too bad, just make sure you get the right size. See if the Raider helmet site has a sizing chart and measure your head.
Found the sizing chart. Will measure tonight (I am at work currently).
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