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Default Re: Winter Project Wrapped Up

Nice job. I can see that a lot of thought and patient work went into that build which will pay off with trouble free riding for many miles and smiles. I agree about the BGF automatic. I bought the same one last summer and have a couple hundred miles on it. It has run smoothly and with good power, especially for right out of the box with no modifications. I'm wondering now what it would be like with porting. Maybe next winter I'll give it a makeover now that BarelyAwake has written a porting how-to. I also painted mine black and have it on my 39 Elgin. I have another yet to be run on a 63 American and notice that the pull cord has been upgraded to steel cable and the clutch handle is longer with an easier pull. For $160.00 with shipping it's a good value, I think.
Well, now that your Schwinn is all done what will you do next winter? Congratulations on a good job. Now that bike is really yours. How cool is that?
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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