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Default Winter Project Wrapped Up

I bought a Schwinn riverside in November, and put a Grubee skyhawk kit on it, and rode it for like 4 or 5 times. I just wasn't all around happy with it, so I tore it all apart, and painted it Metallic Blue. I Foamed the frame, to help with viberataions. I put a Manic Mechanic Hub adapter, with a 38 tooth sprocket, and intake. I bought a BGF Dual start Centrifical clutch to put on it. Painted the motor all black with a silver head, I sprayed all the side covers with truck bed liner, inside, and out for sound dampining, then sprayed the outside of all the covers silver. I got a petcock, air filter, Motor mount, Plug wire, and ngk plug from Sick Bike Parts. I put a wide crank set, and dual pull brake lever from Spookey tooth. I cut pieces of tire tube, to glue strips to the motor mounts, back of cdi, and the bottom of the gas tank. I soldered and heat shrinked all the wiring. Heat shrinked nuts and bolts to hide a lil', and to prevent scratching on the cdi bolts. I used loc tite on every thing bolted down. All in all I have to say that I am very pleased at how this build turned out. Usually when i do a build I see things I wanna change. Not on this build, I can't find a thing to change on it. I was really surprised at how smooth this motor runs. It runs as good as my grubee which is broken in, I just know when this baby is broke in she's gonna run real good. I used my carb that I had tuned in from the grubee, so it started right away, and ran perfect. Heres my video links of it and my build pics.
YouTube - The cruiser running, lil ride. Schwinn Kustom Kruiser Project pictures by SBMotorBicyling - Photobucket Before After

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