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Default Re: Need help with some direction.

I am in constant amazement at the amount of quality advice I find here. Just wonderful

So, first - a quick story... I don't have the cash quite yet to buy the engine for my bike and I am currently having to rely on a housemate to give me a ride to and from work everyday. But, now I have my bike right? I can ride that to work right??? I found out today.... I got loaded up with all the stuff I would need for work in the morning and some tools and stuff to be safe in case I needed them and hit the road. Everything was going great - until I hit the first hill. Let me tell you - for a big guy like me - first gear was no where near strong enough. And as I continued my ride - I learned more and more about just how "not good enough" first gear was.... the area I have to ride through is very hilly and my bike was very pissed at me for deciding it could handle them hills - so every time I got to a hill it said "Get the **** Off of me! Do this yourself!" So I did. 3.3 Miles one way - an hour and a half later - I made it home. The moral of the story lads and lasses - is that I need a freaking motor on this thing!

Helmet - I was looking at a $25 dollar helmet on amazon - *searches for link* here. Is this not worth my money?

To continue my sounding like a newb on here - what is road rash? And how does a jacket prevent it?

They have a Park Tools multi-tool at my local bike shop - I'm thinking of getting it to replace the Bell Tool I got from wal-mart.

Does anyone know of anyway for me to make my own light that will run off of the engine?
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