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Default Re: Tubes and Tires and wheels OH MY!

Originally Posted by obd1kenobi View Post
I'm going to be using this wheel on my current build Weinmann DH-39 Alloy HD Rear Wheel Coaster Brake 26" / 36H 12G SS Black/Black: Sports & Outdoors Ya really can't go wrong and I think it's a heavy duty setup (Thanks Bairdco) Jim's Sprocket Adapter fits the hub perfectly and makes the wheel look bulletproof! I'm just waiting on his new and improved Engine Mounts, and I'll be cruisin'!
Thanks for the link. These heavy duty Weinmanns look like good rims and will be my next set instead of the wheels from bikeworldusa which are made in China. according to the web, Weinmann used to be made in Switzerland and Belguim, but is now USA based. That's enough reason for me to give them a try. Wish they had a front one with a drum brake, but can't have everything I guess.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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