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Originally Posted by BorooM12 View Post
Your best bet would be to just go to target buy a bike for 70 bucks then buy a 2 stroke motor kit for about 130 there you go only got to spend 200 and got a beast of a moped
Originally Posted by jeff96 View Post
yeah but, technically, I'd be riding a motorcycle without insurance, licence or registration. Minimum fines for that would buy me a couple of small motorcycles
Technically you'd be riding a bicycle. With respect to motor vehicles the federal regulations, and Ontario's HTA, make no provisions for something to be magically morphed into something else with bolt on accessories. At least 2 Canadian members on this forum found this out after spending much time and money trying to make their projects "legal".

Originally Posted by jeff96 View Post
All it would take is for one kid on a pocket bike to rip up the streets in your neighborhood for the complaints to come in. Then, the police would have a hard time justifying not ticketing motorized bicycles in the same neighborhood.
Pocket bikes are imported into Canada as restricted use motorcycles and all must wear the federal label and serial number that identifies them as such. The regulations for restricted use motorcycles clearly stipulate that they are for closed course\closed circuit use only. No similar regulations or stipulations exist for bicycles, accessories added or not.

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