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Default Re: Chain Tensioner/Guide

easy fix ,stop using the tensoiner , get rid of it . buy a chain break and shorten the chain beer

Originally Posted by JDUBWEB View Post
Hello All. I finally purchased the bike engine kit and have it installed. What a fun project. I got to ride my new motorized bike for about 8 miles before the chain tensioner/guide screw was stripped and useless. Now, I have to find a replacement or better solution. In browsing some of the forums, I see a lot of mods and interesting work around for this. I have been to every hardware store and bike shop in town and cannot find anything that will do.

Any suggestions

1) Buy another crap replacement chinese part?
2) One bike shop offered a guide that is used for tandem bikes. It looks like it "could" work, but the teeth are not too deep. Also, it does not have a groove like the part that came with the kit. I saw one post with someone that had soemthing similar. Could this work?
3) I have been referred to a metal fabricator to try and provide the stripped bolt that holds the plastic tensioner/guide in place.

I appreciate any advice or suggestions you have. I appreciate your help.
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