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Default Re: Need help with some direction.

Welcome to the site IVIaxPow3r, being a big guy i can completely understand your concerns. You may have underestimated the MB's ability a little, but don't worry with a correct set-up you'll be amazed with the performance. Just make sure an opt for the larger of the two motors which is the 66cc (Note: some of the stores still may advertise it as an 80cc) true displacement is measured w/o the head hence the 66cc. We here at this site value the truths and accuracy in all information provided so that the new ppl coming onboard can start out on the right foot. All of the safety precautions carry over to MB's (helmet,lighting,horn,lever brakes if none come w/ bike) if i can offer through experience go w/ a beach cruiser style of bike. Staying within budget-style and comfort-easy install all have contributing factors. For example i just finished 2 Micargi cruisers for my chiropractor for he and his wife and this guy wanted to spend no more than $350 a bike, and so he chose a $169 bike with a springer front end and whitewalls, just a great lookin' bike and zone 8 gets the kit to my door for $150. So the budget is realistic for the do-it-yourselfer's out there. If staying legit and licensing is what your concerns are then i'll go into what we do here in Ca. It's easy to get your bike registered with the DMV. All that's req'd is a serial # stamped on the motor-Example: CA764240MB (Which is state your in CA, the yr. of motor 7, yr. of birth 64,1st three digits of current address, Motorized Bike MB). then pay a one time fee of $19 and get your plate. My theory is have a plate look legit and ride SAFE! Other MBer's think by having a plate it may even bring more value to the motorized bicycle for the resale value in the future,.,.,.who knows. Good Luck
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