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Default Re: Hello From Texas!!!

Originally Posted by GrimBrothers View Post
Hello, so i have a some worries, am i really allowed to ride my motorized bicycle?... I've already had a run in with a Cop and since then i just iffy if i can drive it... To clear some things up im 16, no liscence or permit, i have a helmet, i know the road laws and i have need to drive my beast of a bike... My Motorized bike is a OCC Shcwinn Stingray with a 48cc Grubee skyhawk engine and i have a back light and a headlight.... i looked it up at my local DMV's info.... its not classified as anything as it goes less than 30 miles an hour and its less than 2hp.
So i need some feedback, some proof if any that i can carry on my person that i am legal to drive it, because i do need a mode of transportation as i need to get a job...

Thank You in advance,
Depends what did the cop say ? I live in NY and there suspose to be illegal here but ive only been pestered by a cop once he said you have to have a driver licence to operate anything with a motor once i gave him my licence he left me alone havnt bother me sense only way to tell is to go to dmv and ask in person other then that just turn motor off when a cop is near you and petal dont try and provoke them by reving loud as you pass a park cop keep on ridin i would say just dont provoke the power tripin cops that the last ting you want to do or you could be sorry
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