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Default Re: 415 chain what else fits?

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post

The 415 chain offers 1/16" more engagement surface in the land of the will last longer.

The choice is entirely wouldn't be a bad idea to order the 415 chain...on the other hand there are plenty of guys using high quality 410 bicycle chain with no problems at all. The 410 chain will offer a bit more tire clearance on tight builds. No matter which route you decide to go, you will need to replace the kit chain. If you decide to stay with the 410, you'll need a good quality chain like RedB uses.

I am the happy recipient of one of Jim's great adapters and sprocket. The chain from my kit will not seat on it, so I assume it is a 410. I have no problem with buying a 415 chain but my (perhaps stupid) question is:

Do I need to replace the front sprocket if my kit came with a 410 chain and I change to a 415 chain? Or is the front sprocket so small in diameter (and teeth) that it doesn't matter?

I did a search and couldn't find an answer. Thanks.
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