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Default Re: Tubes and Tires and wheels OH MY!

Originally Posted by crobo View Post
lookin to upgrade my rear wheel, and both tubes and tires. so far i have found these

wheel- Wheel Master 26x2.125, Rear, B/O, 5/6/7 Speed, H/D, Chrome, Wheel | BikepartsUSA

tubes- Pyramid 26x2.00/2.12 Presta Valve Tube | BikepartsUSA

tires- Kenda 26x2.125, Street, Black/White, 40 PSI, Tire | BikepartsUSA

i figure once i got these knobbys off and a rear wheel with a true hub and sprocket. any input on the choices?

does anyone know where i can find the non rag joint rear sprocket adapter?

Freewheel Sprocket & HD Axle Kit w/Brake - $49.99

Solid Sprocket & HD Axle Kit w/Brake - $49.99

If you have a bike shop near you or know how to lace your own wheels, I have found these to be a great addition. The brake kind of sucks, but the freewheel ability and the trueness of the sprocket along with ease of changine sprockets is great. Just a thought.
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