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Default hello from ontario

Hi all,

I've been browsing the posts here to figure out how to start a project on an old mountainbike. I'm looking to occasionally commute to work 20 to 30 km one way and to do short trips into town 2.5 km away. I'd like to spend less than 500

Being in Ontario, the gas motor kits appear to be illegal, unless I can manage to register one as a home build moped. I'm not against flying under the wire legally like some members do, but I'd hate to invest in a bike, then not be able to ride it. They definitely seem to have the performance I'm looking for though.

I've been looking at the electric bikes because they don't require licence and registration, but the range of these things sounds like it falls way short of what I need.

I've rebuilt a few bikes, do the brakes and oil changes on my car, so I'm not a mechanical klutz, but I'm far from having the tools and expertise that I see many members have put into their bikes.

So, anyone facing similiar challenges?

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