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Originally Posted by azbill View Post
welcome from FH
if you ever get out this way, we can go for a ride
Thanks Bill!

Any excuse to get out to Fountain Hills is a good excuse. I love your town and will take you up on your offer in the future.

Here's a little of the back story with this project...

My Aunt and Uncle on my father's side come to visit my dad each year for the three months of January, February, and March. They're from Michigan. My uncle is a retired engineer, experimental airplane pilot, mechanic, and all around sharp guy. He has to be kept busy. He'll go crazy otherwise. Throughout the year we make lists of projects to keep him occupied. Although he's built a complete motorcycle from the ground up he had never ridden one. Well that changed this year. He got interested in the Whizzer and put about 200 miles on it. Then he rode one of our motorcycles around a few times. And today, I'm very proud to say he did a 70 mile trip on a motorcycle with my dad. He's hooked.

This project is for him. It will basically be his bike for when he's in Phoenix. I will buy all the stuff and hold it for him until January 2011. Sure I could put it together but this will be his fun.

You may regret it, but next year you may very well have two new friends.


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