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Default Re: New Staton axle mounted kits

I have about three tanks of gas on my Subaru35 axle mount.

First impression: Wow that gear box is loud. The gear box is getting quietier or I am getting used to it. Maybe both. The traction is great.

The motor being low makes a lower center of gravity. Not much, but it is lower.

Freewheel: When coasting, I can't even feel it.

Motor sticking out: I have a friend that has a Staton friction drive with same engine. We measured both and they stick out the same.

Would I recomend it....... I will post a review when I have 100 miles on it. I'm hoping for the gearbox to quiet down.

Staton says the gear box will be quietier after 100 miles. I sure hope so.....
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