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Default re: 60 MPH...achieveable? Who cares?!? Let blueprint an engine!

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post
This is a multi-part post that will describe in detail the first step that is necessary in order to blueprint one of these engines.

Step #1:.....
The first photo shows the cases finished, the case half mating surfaces have been machined square to the bearings and three dowel pins have been installed to ensure perfect bearing alignment . I used 3/16" dowel pins.

The second photo shows the case halves with hardened and ground Meyer gauge pins inserted into the bearings in one half of the case. I.......
Interesting thing happens if both Pic 1 and Pic 2 are opened in tabs. If yr browser has tabs, switching between the images causes the Meyer gauge pins to "appear". I'm assuming a tripod and shutter release. Probably impractical to attempt a complete teardown using that technique.

Interesting stuff Jim - Thanks