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Default Re: Bolt sizes for cover plates?

Originally Posted by rkorson4209 View Post
I actually just took all of mine out to take to the hardware store and replace with alen heads, and matched em all up. Heres the sizes, Clutch cover 5 EA. M6X20, Mag cover 4 EA. M4X20, Clutch cover 2 EA. M6X30, and 1 EA. M6X40. I hope this was helpful, as it took me hours to find them all, lol. Be careful though, as these lil things can add up in price. It cost me $9.80 for all the covers. I would also recomend hittin with some rustolium primer, and a lil black paint before you use, other wise they will rust fast, and look crappy.
That's what I would do but my motorized bicycle is my only transportation! I know what ya mean about the price for these bolts.I used to go in true value almost daily when I built my first motorized bicycle to grab some bolts/washers etc.Once everything is rung up $20+ I'm thinking what the heck? lol. Hours huh? Thanks much Rkorson

I agree,this would be a great reference for someone wanting to 'upgrade' from stock.
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