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Default Re: Gas Price Map of the U. S.

Originally Posted by jasonh View Post
Man, I remember when I first started driving gas was $0.99 a gal. And then the Tucson pipeline broke and everybody started freaking out because gas got up to $1.80/gal, lol. Oh well, times have changed. it's bad enough my car requires premium fuel, glad I don't live in California (sorry cali guys)
I remember that!!..That is right next to my house on Silverbell. The break was at Silverbell & Grant..Some brand new house's being built got flooded with gasoline and had to be torn down.

They tore up Silverbell to replace all the pipe's Man what a pain in the butt it was just to get to my house!!

Thousand's of gallons flowed into the Santa Cruz River...Back in the mid 80's, when it was all desert where the break was.. me and my friends used to steal gas from that pipe line..They had valves thier that were not locked. We used to ride are dirt bikes and three wheelers and go-karts and stuff in that desert. All they way up to the 90's I would get gas thier until they built a fence around the valve and locked it. Shame on me It's a good thing I'm not that person anymore..
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