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Default Re: Need help with some direction.

Okay - so I now have a bike!!! I got a Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser off of a lady from craigslist for 100 bucks - it had only been riden 10 miles and only needed to be "trued" and "adjusted".

I have bought a 10 dollar pump from wally world which has worked fine so far (My bike and my wife's bike). It is a foot pump - not sure how else to describe it... actually I'll go take a picture and upload it here... *grabs camera and runs to the garage*

I also bought a tool from wally world because I needed something to adjust the spokes... but wally world only had crap... so I bought a bell multi tool thing that I am pretty sure only works if you want to strip the crap out of any spoke it touches. So I stopped using that Do you guys recommend any specific tool or method for truing a wheel? Also - what kind of problems happen from riding a bike (normally, read:no engine) if the wheels aren't properly trued? And also is this something I should be able to do well enough on my own or would I need more expensive tools to do it correctly?

I am now in need of a helmet - and I think I am going to get a 25 dollar moped helmet that is DOT approved from Amazon.

I am still looking for a good solution for a light - I would prefer to have something that doesn't need batteries - but that might have to do for now. I have been reading many of the postings on lights and it seems like one of those subjects that has a lot of effort needed for some reason. Meaning - there isn't a simple solution if you want one that doesn't require constant replacement of batteries. Like you can get some of the ones that use the white wire - but you may not be able to get it to work right... or you could get a normal generator that I have seen before - but they may not put out enough light to light the road... etc... But that is okay - I have some time I think before I'd "need" a light - so I am sure I can find a good solution that works well for me. My price estimates may just be a little low for what I am thinking I'd want.

I think I need a torque wrench or something before I get my engine - any suggestions? or how else do you guys know how much pressure is being exerted?

Really enjoying my new bike though - been messing around with some things on it It doesn't seem to want to be able to shift all the way into 1st gear - the shifter isn't moving far enough over - I've tried to adjust it, but can't seem to get it there.

Kind of rambling now... Side note: Should I start a new thread to document my "build" or just keep it all in here so people can see the "story" unfold from complete newbie to successful MB?

Thanks for all the help!
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