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Default Re: Addicted Motorbicycles Commercial!

Well, as for demographics, I can honestly say, we have young and old here that show interest in the bike. From very young kids, to mothers, to fathers, to grandpas, even the police! Most times I'm pulled over, they just want to know how I did it, and to tell me it's neat! Which market would I like to target? All of them. I will sell a bike to anyone who wants one. I have tried many different "styles" of advertising over the two years I've been trying at this. See, when I first started, it was Addicted Custom Bicycles, and I would do any pimping, not just engines. Still didn't get any calls. I'm not really "ready" for customers anyways, as some of you have pointed out, which is fine with me. I'm in "practice" mode, like I said.

The advice I've recieved here is amazing, it's all constructive critisizm to me. I truly appreciate it, and I think tonight I will get the second video camera, and likely tomorrow or the next day will be filming day. I will attempt to follow your advices as much as I can while filming, and I'll end up with a few different "commercials" to target different age groups. I refuse to limit myself, and any advertising is good advertising to someone out there. When I'm done school is when I'll be focusing largely on building the business, because I'll have a college education to help me kill it out there in the dog eat dog world of business. I currently have ideas and have organized "deals" with certain companies to give me certain unique attributes to my bikes, which won't be seen used largely for some time, as they are a few new products not released for mass production as of yet. I will succeed, and if not, I'll always be ADDICTED.

Many thanks everyone!
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