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Default Re: Clutch keeps comming loose

Originally Posted by Watts View Post
2door you are correct the clutch arm is missing the pin as the hole is empty. It clicked in that I had found a small pin type piece of metal on my floor and out of habit of not throwing anything away I kept it not knowing where it came from. Low and behold it was the pin and I simply clicked it back into place and now the clutch locks into place!!

Thanks for your help and good skills in deciphering my problems despite me not using correct terminology. Thanks again everyone especially 2door on this one.
Glad to hear you found that little guy. Before you ride the bike however I'd suggest that you secure that pin in the hole by either peening over the top of the hole or applying an adhesive to it so the pin can't come out. There is no need for the pin to be removed. If you ever need to remove the actuator cam you only need to remove the cover from the engine and rotate the arm about 90 degrees and it will come out from the top. Have fun, ride safe.
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