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Default Re: Addicted Motorbicycles Commercial!

It sounds like you have a plan which could well lead to success. Good. You've gotten a lot of sound advice here and you're giving yourself the time to learn and adjust plans accordingly.
My own intended builds are of two basic kinds, vintage cruisers (mostly Schwinns and Elgins which will take some time and money to build and which will be targeted at older riders of retirement age. Focus of these builds will be quality and ease in use as trouble free as I can make them. These bikes won't be cheap or I won't make any money to build more. The other bikes will be new (probably Schwinn Jaguars) made safer with better fasteners, but pretty much stock and selling for less as I'll have less money and time invested. So that's my plan. The new bikes will come as is, the classics will be open to customer input... paint color and that sort of thing.
I have no interest in shipping whole bikes and no interest in a big business making a bundle of money. I just want a little business with customers who are local and become friends. The plan is to ride an eye catching vintage bike around target areas where the money people will be. The dog will be in tow in her kiddie trailer and someday in a sidecar. That will be my advertising. When somebody seeks me out to ask about the bike, comment on the dog, etc. I will have business cards I can give out. On the card will be the website address where current builds ready for sale are listed, prices for the Jaguars which can be ordered with a down payment and pictures of a few vintage bikes in the before stage to be built over the next winter. Those bikes can be pre-purchased with half paid in advance and which is non refundable. On those bikes the buyer can specify paint color, leather color, type of lights, etc. At least that is what I intend at this point. If something doesn't work well I'll change plans as I go, but for me I think this will work. I spend my summers near a high volume tourist area and also one with many moneyed summer residents. The same plan might not work in the middle of Bugbite, Alaska.
Think about what you like to build, who you want to sell to and go from there. A wise American elder and author named Joseph Campbell advised young people to "follow their bliss". I think that's good advice for all of us. Best of luck to you,
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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