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Default Re: Addicted Motorbicycles Commercial!

Well, to a certain extent that's true - but it depends heavily on what demographic you're targeting. If ya dump a grand+ into a custom show build and highlight it in your advertisements - it could potentially disappoint when they find yer sellin' mostly $300 Huffy builds or w/e. If yer tryin' to keep the resale down to $500 or less - build a really clean and simple cruiser or w/e and spotlight that... Load it up with groovy stuff like saddle bags, lights, & w/e - then put the disclaimer "accessories not included" so that way they can see what it'd look like all dolled up, but it's still affordable.

The dream builds are great ofc and if you've got one to advertise defo do it - but I wouldn't make it a centerpiece or the primary focus, more of a "this is possible too" but keepin' the clean & basic one the center of attention.

Ya don't wanna advertise what yer not plannin' on selling... or at least not what yer primary build style is

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