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Default Re: Addicted Motorbicycles Commercial!

Originally Posted by ADDICTED MOTORBICYCLES View Post
This is awesome! Thank you everyone for all of your advice. It all makes sense, and like I said, this is only my first attempt at a commercial. I am aquiring a second camera with a tripod, and am planning a multitude of different shots.

If I use pictures that aren't my builds, just to show what you can do, would it be ok to put in words over the picture as it is displayed, "model only", or something to that affect?

Let people know that they aren't my builds, pretty much. I have only a few pictures of my own bikes, and they aren't incredibly attractive for a sales pitch. I'm just in the beginnings of this company, and I haven't had customers as of yet, so showing pics of brand new builds I offer or have built is not possible, unless it is my bike. I need to show what is possible in some way.
If you say that your builds are not that all actrive, and you are trying to start a business. I will give you some advice that was told to me by a Custom MC Builder. The most important thing is to put as much money as you can into atleast 1 build. Do everything custom on it as possible, to show as an example as of what you can do, How you run your wires cable, ect. He also said when building go with your first instinct, don't ask what other people think you should change, or it won't be YOURS. But basically real nice custom builds are key to starting a business. I take all advice he gives me, as i am sure he really knows what he is doing. He built a custom chopper called the low flow, that was featured in a few magazines, and it cought micheal jordans eye while being displayed at datona bike week, Jordan ended up having him build him a ducatti, called Torello. So I try to hang with him as much as possible, and learn all I can.
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