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Default Re: Addicted Motorbicycles Commercial!

I agree, it may seem as though I'm taking the wrong routes. I just want to remind everyone, I haven't sold a single bike. Haven't built more than 4 builds, and all in all, have very little experience compared to so many here on this site. Here's the thing. Everything I've done so far, has been like a trial and error learning experience, which I've really not been too concerned with the actual "sales" of the bikes. I'm kind of just "practicing" so to speak. If I happen to get a request for a bike, that's awesome, I'll do it, but really, I'm just practicing until I have my investment capital prepared, a plan drawn out, etc, etc. I want to build say 5 to 10 complete bikes, fancy and general ones, and sell as units. (As you guys have said) However, I'd like a storefront, where new bikes can be "browsed". I'd also like to expand into clothing and other things motorbicycle related, and not motorbicycle related. I'm currently in school right now, and it will be a while before I'm ready to go all out. It will take a TON of work, and a lot of capital. So it's the game of patience. In my spare time I do a lot of things on my Macbook. Making videos and animations is one of them. It's fun and a hobby of sorts, so making that commercial is just one way I entertain myself, as well as get the name out there, and who knows, maybe someone will take interest.

I'm not being rude or anything as I appreciate everybody's feedback, but I'm at the very, very bottom of the barrel, I was just curious if the video looked acceptable.

"whether or not my company succeeds, I'll always be ADDICTED."

Thanks again everyone, it's easy to misread things as rudeness and such, so I just want to say I just thought I'd clear some things up, not ranting on anyone in particular.

I'm buying a prebuilt chopper motorbicycle within the next month, my new summer ride. I will then be selling my current bike, after a little bit of renewing, of course. With that money, I plan to start on a new build. When that build is complete, I'll decide which one to sell, chopper, or new, depending on what I build. If I manage to make profit, I'll keep turning it over, and hopefully work my way to 10 bikes "in-store" Then, and only then, will I consider myself somewhat of a working business. I'll likely never give up though, considering I'm going to be an entrepreneur. Lol.
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