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Default Re: What should i do??

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post

Crazeh aussies lol, sorry to hear that - but a mountain bike makes for a fine motorized bicycle anyway *shrug* I'd just keep an eye out for the cruiser of yer dreams while yer riding and perfecting the mountain bike...

oh wait...

That's exactly what I did heh
sounds good to me!!

Originally Posted by Maxvision View Post
"Maintaining" speed depends on whether you ride in a flat or hilly area. If you ride in a flat area, depending on the gear ratio of your rear hub, you can maintain an EASY 40mph. Good wind behind you 50mph is possible. Helmet and disc brakes recommended at those speeds... Just upgraded to disc brakes on mine. Took me 1/2 block to stop from full speed before I did.

do i need to change the wheels to fir discs or just buy hubs with the disc fitted??

Update on the bike!

I have mounted it all correctly and loctited everything!!!

runs smooth now!! fitted a BP6HS plug and NGK wire...runs like a dream!

just have to get a better exhaust (expansion chamber), fix my kinked back wheel, Jet the carby to 84 (from memory), fit disc brakes and buy a jackshaft kit then i will start a 4 stroke 50cc 3 speed semi auto cruiser!!!

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