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Default re: 60 MPH...achieveable? Who cares?!? Let blueprint an engine!

Originally Posted by Flight Risk View Post
It's been interesting reading this thread. I loved the link to 50cc records. What I noticed is that those bikes really couldn't get up much speed in a 1/4 mile. You are planning to run on a dragstrip right? I'm guessing you will need to keep accelerating into the run-out area and may need a half mile to hit 60mph. I think you can do it, but need room. Of course the track can't record any speed beyond the 1/4 mile trap.
When I first read the opening challenge to hit 60, I was thinking of a big motor on a trailer.
Craig Vetter's site is also good for steamlining. "rounded in front, tapered in back"
Craig Vetter, designer and inventor of the Windjammer fairing,Triumph Hurricane Motorcycle and fuel economy motorcycles

Rod S

Yes we are planning on making the top speed run at a local dragstrip. This isn't for the land speed record...we're just trying to get the most out of the little Chinese engine that we can.

I'm fairly certain DV will hit top speed by the 660 mark. Our acceleration to 43mph was impressive with a lightly modified stock engine. Whatever MPH we hit at the 1/4 mile will be it. If I wanted to set the land speed record for a given cc engine, I would build one from scratch.

Today we found at least 1 virtually free H.P. just in the case matching, (incredible)...DV will be posting pics this evening.