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Default Re: Addicted Motorbicycles Commercial!

I have a few questions and comments. First off I should say that I'm interested in selling bikes myself but have spent all my time building and learning and not yet selling. I'd like to sell a few bikes this summer to get my feet wet. So I've given some thought to the subject.
Who is going to see the commercial? I personally don't surf through Utube and am wondering if it is the way to find your buyers. Maybe it is... I'm just asking. If it were me I would spend more time building bikes and on a low key sell one here and there, maybe not for much profit but more to get some experience under you belt so that you have the confidence to know that you are ready to deal with what comes. It is one way to develop a good reputation and learn the ropes of what to do and what not to do. I also would only show bikes I have built, as others have pointed out. I think the very best advertising comes from the bikes themselves... ride one around and the bike advertises itself, especially if it is an eye catcher. I imagine that most of Venicebike's sales come from seeing the bikes Norm rides and asking about them, wanting to know if the very bike he is riding is for sale. A conversation gets going and if someone is really interested they look up his website later on to see what he has for sale. (Norm, if I'm wrong about my assumptions please straighten me out!) I also question the "hot bike" approach since these really are not hot bikes unless a lot of effort, know how and expense elevates a kit motor into a real custom build. Burnouts are misleading unless your motors are of a different level than the ones I buy. I have trouble making it up some of the local hills to be truthful. What these bikes are is a whole lot of fun and affordable, so that's what I would emphasize. I realize that we may have different target markets, so what I think will work for me might not for you. In a nutshell... I think what you want to do is possible, but I am wondering if you are putting the cart before the horse, so to speak. In other words, focus more on the builds and increasing your skill and knowledge in the process and let the selling part be gradual. Develop the product and then hone the salesmanship. I wish you success in your venture.
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